3D measurements and reverse engineering, area of application (scope)

Control of finished products Control of finished products
Control of profiles, spline surfaces, standard geometric elements, inspection of light-gauge material parts on the holding or checking fixtures and in the free state, measurement of master samples and prototypes, reporting on the results of measurements

Turbine blades and gears control Turbine blades and gears control
Control of geometrical parameters of gears and turbine blades

Measurements of dies and molds Measurements of dies and molds
Geometry control of dies and press-molds, at all stages of production (in the presence of machining allowance before and after the heat treatment, checking of allowance after die-section assembling before milling)

Statistical control Statistical control
Inspection services: check critical parameters of parts, statistical process control and preparation of statistical reports (SPC), Cp, Cpk, PPAP

Checking fixtures Checking fixtures
Checking fixtures calibration, welding jigs inspection, adjusting in nominal condition and setting if it technically possible, recommendations for modernization

Solutions Solutions
Search solutions and elaboration of measurement techniques, work with documentation (GD&T, measurement plan, drawings, computer mathematical model). Remotely programming for coordinate measuring equipment

Reverse engineering Reverse engineering
Geometric objects digitization and 3D modeling